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- What Type And Size Of Dent Can Be Repaired Using The Paintless Dent Repair Process?    We Can Repair Most Small Dents And Creases Using The PDR System. The Location On The Vehicle And The Depth And Severity Of The Dent Will Determine The Success Of The Repair. After A Visual Inspection Of The Damage We Can Determine Repairability And Provide A Cost Estimate.  

- When Is Interior Damage Beyond Repair?    Examples Of Damage That Would Be Unrepairable Include Leather Or Vinyl Seats Or Interior Panels That Are Severely Cracked, Split, Missing Large Sections Of Material, Hardened And Brittle From Sun Exposure, Or Leather That Is Water Damaged. These Types Of Damage Can Only Be Corrected By Replacing, Rather Than Repairing The Material In The Affected Area. We Work Closely With A Top Rated Upholstery Replacement Company Which Can Provide A Cost Estimate For Replacement.

- What Can Be Done To Repair A Cracked Dashboard?       Dashboards Can Be Repaired As Long As The Cracking Was Not Caused By Sun Exposure. Sun Damage Dries Out The Dash Material Causing The Original Cracks And Splits, Making The Dash A Poor Candidate For A Lasting Repair. We Install Custom Color Matched Molded Dash Covers, Which Fit Perfectly And Look Great.

- What Type Of Damage Can Be Repaired On My Windshield? Star Cracks, Which Have Small Cracks Radiating From A Central Point, And Bullseyes, Which Are Round Areas Of Glass Damage Caused By Stone Damage, Are Repairable As Long As The Damage Is Relatively Small. Anything Larger Than A Quarter In Size Is Not Recommended To Be Repaired.  

- Can You Change The Color Of My Interior?      We Have Done Complete Color Changes On Interiors. However Because The Original Trim Under The Coating Will Be A Contrasting Color, Any Damage That Occurs To The Interior Such As Scrapes Or Scuffs, Which Are Severe Enough To Damage The Finish Coating Will Show The Original Trim Color. Our Finishes Are Extremely Durable But Can Be Damaged Just The Same As Any Factory Applied Coating. 

- How Long Does The Headlamp Reconditioning Service Last? Our Headlamp Service Is Unique To The Industry In That We Apply A UV Cured Sealant To The Headlamps After Polishing. Beware Of Companies Offering Only Polishing And Not Sealing Of The Headlamps - This Will Always Cause A Recurrence Of The Clouding And Yellowing. By Protecting The Polycarbonate Lens Material With A Sealant As The Factory Had Done Originally, We Can Ensure The Clarity Of The Headlamps Will Last.

- What Are The Benefits Of A Polymer Paint Sealant Over Regular Wax? Polymer Sealants Are A Relatively New Form Of Paint Coating Which Offer Much Greater Protection Than Traditional Waxes. They Are A Synthetic Material Which Helps Protect Against UV Sun Damage To Your Clearcoat And Also Resist Bug Staining And Permanent Etching Of The Paint Finish. We Offer A Complete UV Protection Package For All The Surfaces Exposed And Vulnerable To Sun Damage. Think Of It Like Sunscreen For Your Car ! The UV Exposure Levels Here In Florida Are MUCH Higher Than Almost Anywhere Else In The U.S. And Start To Damage Vehicle Finishes And Trim Almost Immediately. If You Have Ever Seen A Vehicle With The Finish Peeling Off Of The Upper Panels, That Is A Direct Result Of UV Damage. Inquire About Our UV Protection For Your Vehicle Today.

- I See Advertisements For Vehicle Detailing At A Very Low Cost. What Makes Your Service Different? The Term Auto Detailing In Our Industry Is Used To Describe A Broad Range Of Services, Starting With An Express Wash And Spray Or Quick Wax, Working All The Way Up To The Detail Services We Offer, Which Include A Show Quality Inch By Inch Reconditioning Of Your Vehicle - Including Multi Step Machine Polishing And Finishing Of The Paint, Interior Deep Cleaning Treatment To Remove Trapped And Embedded Dirt, Wheel And Tire Deep Cleaning And Treatment, And Special Products And Methods To Make All Areas Of Your Car Look New. Check Out The Services Section Of This Site For Descriptions Of Each Process, And Be Sure Check Out The Gallery Section For Before And After Photos Of Our Work.